International Distribution of Electronics Association


A federation since 1984 and benchmark for the electronics market


IDEA is a federation of component distribution trade associations from several major world countries.
IDEA is committed to improve communication between member countries.

The IDEA Comittee consists of the representatives from each Trade Association and usually meets twice a year to examine international standards and regulation and to develop initiatives and programs for the Global Distribution Industry.


The International Distribution of Electronics Association (IDEA) releases quarterly its European DTAM (Distributor Total Available Market) statistics which are not estimates but a summation of members’ actual bookings and billings.

IDEA supplies a package of statistical data covering Italy, France, Uk, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Nordic.
Each quarter’s market data is summarized in the Quarterly IDEA newsletter.

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Created to be a powerful tool for international cooperation among worldwide associations, IDEA offers the following services:

  • European Market data

    Market analysis and statistics on electronic components bookings/billlings by country


  • Website news

    Access to trade information on single associations and news about their activities.

  • Partnership

    Cooperation with institutions and associations to develop international cooperation.

  • Newsletter

    Quarterly update on members’ activities and on the distribution market.

  • Events

    IDEA members’ meetings on market trends and international partnerships.